Nontraditional Training Options

Whether you’re a beginner deciding where to start or a seasoned professional looking to skill-up, continuing education can be the difference between being stuck at a dead end job and achieving the career of your dreams. College coursework or an advanced degree is one option, but there are nontraditional routes for adults in Louisville who want to begin or continue a career in technology.

Nontraditional options include:

Code Louisville

A 12-week program offered at no cost to the student that teaches tech fundamentals. Students can take coursework in Front End Web Development, C#/.NET, JavaScript, Python, and more.

Software Guild

A tuition-based 12-week program with in-person and online options that offers an immersive experience to learn Java or C# / .NET.

Treehouse through the Library

Residents with a Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) card can rent a free license to the online learning system, with tracks spanning several branches of technology.

Other online resources

There are dozens of free and paid resources online that focus on technology, such as Coursera, Free Code Camp, Harvard CS50, Khan Academy, Lynda, Udacity, Udemy and more.

In addition to nontraditional training, attending tech-focused events in the community is a great way to learn about the latest trends and information while connecting with tech professionals. From user group meetings, to happy hours, and from hackathons to full-blown conferences, there are events going on nearly every day of the week. Check out for more information.

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