Finding your fit in tech

These days nearly every company has an IT department, which has led to explosive growth in the demand for skilled individuals to fill tech jobs. Even if your background is not in technology, your prior industry experience may have you primed for a transition into a new role.

Hiring managers look for employees with strong soft skills and transferable skills, because they can provide technical training. Tech teams are often in need of employees with solid written and verbal communication skills, general problem solving know-how, and who are detail-oriented.

Someone with a strong background in accounting or finance could translate that experience into a role as a Data Analyst. Their industry experience, insights into patterns, and problem solving skills, combined with training in popular languages like SQL, R and/or Python can make for a successful transition.

A salesperson or experienced marketer can take their stellar communication skills to the tech world as an account executive, customer support rep, technical writer, or even a more technical role like a developer. The ability to explain complex technology ideas to people across all levels is an invaluable skill.

Technical teams also have a need for project and product managers with tech know-how to make sure things run efficiently.

Whatever your background, there is likely a role in technology that needs your skills. If you need help figuring out your next step, check out resources like the O*NET Interest Profiler, the KentuckianaWorks Career Calculator, or tech job boards like or

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